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  • Automate Lead Gen, Sales, Onboarding & More

  • Simplify Processes and Increase Performance

  • Tools To Help Entire Team Work Efficiently

The Ultimate AI Software for Businesses

3 Step Process To Implementing Custom AI Solutions

In-Depth Audit & Strategy

Conduct a thorough audit to identify opportunities for automation and AI integration. This consultation sets the stage by aligning AI solutions with your specific business objectives.

ABC: Automation,

Bot Building, Customization

Implement targeted solutions: automate key processes, develop intelligent bots, and customize systems to fit seamlessly within your existing operations.


and Continuous Improvement

Deploy and integrate AI solutions, providing full support and training for seamless adoption. Commit to continuous enhancements based on data-driven insights for optimal performance.


FLP AI assists you in identifying and integrating cutting-edge AI solutions,

guiding you seamlessly from inception to deployment and beyond.

At FLP, we develop bespoke AI strategies

by leveraging deep industry knowledge and innovative insights, ensuring each plan is tailored to reflect the unique goals and challenges of your business. Our consultants immerse themselves in your organization's core aspects, from operations to culture, to architect AI solutions that are not only feasible but also transformative. This thorough understanding helps in identifying and executing the most impactful use cases for AI within your enterprise.

Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

AI driven tools to help add hours back per day! Also let our AI Booking Bot plant calls on your calendar or handle frequent inquires!

At FLP, we integrate top-tier

security measures such as data encryption and intrusion detection into our chatbot development, ensuring robust data protection and compliance with your security needs. Our use of advanced GPT-3 and GPT-4 models enhances our chatbots, enabling them to deliver intuitive, human-like interactions and anticipate user needs. These chatbots go beyond typical capabilities by dynamically processing vast data sources to provide accurate, contextually relevant responses. Additionally, our Model Tuning service fine-tunes these systems to meet specific use-case demands, optimizing performance for greater responsiveness and accuracy. With FLP, you gain access to cutting-edge chatbot technology that is secure, intelligent, and highly adaptable to your business requirements.

Automations & AI Bots That Nurture Leads And Convert Sales On Auto-Pilot

  • Automations Increasing Lead and Client Experience

  • Bots Trained To Your Business

  • AI Setters That NEVER Take Vacations or Call In Sick

  • Stop Letting Leads Fall Through the Cracks

AI Generated Custom Talking Head Videos Of You

1000's of Custom Videos Sent Through Emails That People Open, Click, And Buy From.

  • 10x higher engagement with personalized videos

  • 2.5x boost to email click-through rates

  • 3x jump in response rates

  • Works for New Leads, Abandoned Carts, Sales, Onboarding, and More

A Full Suite Of Custom AI Tools

  • Advertising, Marketing, Course Sales

  • Sales Script Coach, Objection Handling

  • Customer Fulfillment, Email and SM Copy writing

  • Internal Systems & Process, Work More Efficiently

Relationships, Communication & Lead Generation Done Right!

  • Bring Messenger (IG & FB) GMB, WhatsApp, SMS all in 1 easy place

  • DM "ACTION" and have the AI booking bot on any of these platform get to work

  • Auto-book leads to your calendar

  • Increase referral and repeat customers

Save 16+ Hours Per Week With Custom Built GPT's For Your Business & Team


  • Sales GPT

  • Digital Marketing Strategist GPT

  • Save 100's of hours by learning how to leverage AI the right way

Choose Your AI-Powered Strategy

for Your Business


What's included:

  • Unlock The Power Of AI With Your ToolKit To Industry Domination

  • Unlimited Usage - Powered By OpenAI AI Engine (Creators Of ChatGPT)

  • Marketing Tools

  • Ad Tools

  • Copywriting tools

  • Webinar Copy Tools

  • Website Copy Tools

  • Email Marketing Tools

  • + 21 More Toolsets

  • Unlock The Power Of AI With Your ToolKit To Industry Domination

  • Unlimited Usage - Powered By OpenAI AI Engine (Creators Of ChatGPT)

  • Marketing Tools

  • Ad Tools

  • Copywriting tools

  • Webinar Copy Tools

  • Website Copy Tools

  • Email Marketing Tools

  • + 21 More Toolsets


What's included:

Everything in Basic +

  • Automations & Workflows

  • Website & Sales Funnel Builder

  • Integrated Calendars

  • Communities

  • Courses / Memberships

  • Invoicing / Proposals &


  • GoogleMyBusiness Messaging

  • 2 way Text & Email Conversation

  • CRM & Tracking

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Survey & Forms

  • Weekly Live Training Calls

  • FLP Accelerator Training

  • Reputation Management

  • Web Chat Widget

  • Suite of AI Tools to add hours

    back to your week!

  • Unlimited Seats For Your

  • Team Members

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Free Credits for 632 SMS messages per month

  • Full Coaches Resource Vault



What's included:

Everything in Premium +

  • Custom FLP Build

  • AI Talking Head Videos

  • Custom Funnels

  • Custom Emails

  • Custom AI Booking Bot

  • Custom AI Business Bot to take over everyday client questions

  • 1-on-1 Business Strategy Calls

  • Direct Access to FLP Team

  • Free Credits for 1000+ SMS messages per month

16 hour avg added back to their week

What our clients say about us!

Connect In Seconds

FLP integrates with every software spinning above. Take your

business to new heights.

Our Testimonials

Our satisfied clients share their success stories and experiences on their

journey to better health and well-being.

"When I first came across FLP.AI, I was both intrigued and hesitant. As a fitness coach transitioning running my services online, I knew if I want to scale, I needed to streamline my operations, but the idea of incorporating AI and automation into my business seemed overwhelming. Definitely not the techi-est person. Since you’re reading this, you know I took the leap, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business. Right off the bat, the team made me feel at ease with their knowledge, support, and expertise in the health industry. Their all-in-one system simplified everything – from managing client interactions to automating my marketing strategies to bringing InBound leads for the first time in my business. The AI-driven insights and tools helped me personalize my coaching in ways I never thought possible.If you're sitting on the fence about FITLEADPRO.AI, my advice is to go for it. The platform isn’t just about technology; it's learning from others, it’s mentorship, it’s a way to save your years in your journey, and that I cannot put a price tag on! They didn't just meet my expectations, they exceeded”

“Working with Hudson has been a huge game changer for my business. Not only is he super knowledgeable, but he is also so positive and encouraging. Hudson is someone that I really needed in my life as a mentor to scale my business and grow as a coach overall. My experience working with him so far has been nothing short of awesome--for my life and my coaching business! I am excited to continue to work with him, and have him in my corner as my business takes off.”

"I've been on the hunt for an all-encompassing tool to streamline my fitness coaching business. FITLEADPRO.AI has been a game-changer! From lead management to integrated software systems, everything felt simplified. Plus, the AI-driven resources saved me countless hours. Now, I focus more on my clients and less on the tech. I can't recommend it enough!"

“Hudson gave me 1 AI tool that produced and contracted 6 figures over the next several months. Don’t take this lightly”

Day 3 of 5 and I am envisiong ANOTHER 6 FIGURE launch!

“Brother I’m so freaking excited!! I’ve been so burned out for years and this has been such a new concept and has literally put a burning desire back into my Life! Honestly you have an amazing mind and definitely grateful for you! It’s been a long time since I really had that burning desire to get up in the morning be excited for my 4th “F” Finance!! I’ve been a hustler and entrepreneur way to long!!  I don’t mind being both but knowing there is a future CEO position from your systems and processes makes me feel hopeful to have something that doesn’t drive me into the ground!! Loving everything you have and have done for us so far!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you may still have lots of questions, FitLeadPro.AI is a tech-driven consulting team that

offers AI and automation solutions to coaches, consultants, realtors, and small to medium-sized

businesses. Check out some of the questions below or book a call now!

What is fitness AI software?

Fitness AI software is a cutting-edge technology that uses machine learning and data analysis to provide personalized fitness plans, nutrition meal plan, and progress tracking.

What is fitness AI software?

Fitness AI software is a cutting-edge technology that uses machine learning and data analysis to provide personalized fitness plans, nutrition meal plan, and progress tracking.

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